WordPress: The Ultimate CMS Choice for Your Business

WordPress: The Ultimate CMS Choice for Your Business

In the realm of Content Management Systems (CMS), WordPress reigns supreme. While there are several CMS options available, none come close to matching the versatility, scalability, and robustness of WordPress. In this article, we will delve into the advantages of WordPress and compare it to its competitors, making a compelling case for why it should be your top choice when establishing your online presence.

Why Choose WordPress?

Easy Administration

WordPress’s installation process takes a mere 5 minutes, and you don’t need to be a tech guru to create and publish content. Its user-friendly interface allows you to manage and customise your website with ease.

Abundance of Plugins and Add-Ons

WordPress boasts a vast library of free plugins and widgets that can be used to tailor your website. Whether you’re running a small business site or a complex enterprise solution, WordPress has you covered.


WordPress excels in search engine optimisation. Its plugins, such as All In One SEO, empower you to optimise your content effortlessly. Quality content, keywords, and plugins can help you boost your website’s visibility.


With over 59,471 plugins available, WordPress offers unmatched flexibility. Whatever you envision for your site, WordPress can make it happen. If you need assistance, WordPress development professionals are at your service.


WordPress can be as secure as any other CMS when you follow best practices. Keeping the core and plugins up-to-date, using reliable hosting, and adhering to coding standards are essential for maintaining a secure WordPress site.

Thriving Community

WordPress is built by and for the community. Its vast user base, including Fortune 500 companies, speaks to its robustness and commitment to open-source technology.

Disadvantages of WordPress:

While WordPress is an outstanding CMS, it’s essential to consider its drawbacks:

Complex Modifications

For highly customised solutions, some proficiency in PHP and CSS may be required.

Plugin Overload

While plugins enhance functionality, excessive use can impact website performance.

Security Concerns

Open-source nature can pose security risks if not properly managed. It’s crucial to prioritise security measures.

WordPress vs. Competitors:

When choosing a CMS, several factors should be considered. Let’s compare WordPress to its competitors to highlight its superiority.


Joomla is robust but more complex than WordPress, making content management challenging for non-developers.


Even more complex than Joomla, Drupal demands advanced technical knowledge, making it less user-friendly for regular content management.


While user-friendly, Squarespace lacks the flexibility and customisation options offered by WordPress.


Wix is user-friendly but may not support complex projects and can be costly in the long run.

Craft CMS

Craft CMS is relatively new and less stable compared to WordPress. It lacks the extensive plugin ecosystem and multisite capabilities of WordPress.


Weebly is beginner-friendly but lacks the flexibility, customisation, and scalability of WordPress.

Unlocking Business Potential

WordPress excels in comparison to these competitors in terms of customisation, scalability, and SEO capabilities. Its vast plugin ecosystem, strong community, and user-friendliness make it the ideal choice for businesses of all sizes.

WordPress is the ultimate CMS for your business. Its ease of use, vast plugin library, SEO-friendliness, flexibility, security, and thriving community make it the top choice for enterprises. While there are competitors, none offer the same level of versatility and scalability.

So, if you’re serious about establishing a robust online presence, WordPress is the CMS that can help you realise your business idea. Don’t settle for less – choose WordPress and unlock the full potential of your website.

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ASIC Urges Stronger Cybersecurity Measures for Australian Businesses

ASIC Urges Stronger Cybersecurity Measures for Australian Businesses

In its latest media release on November 13, 2023, ASIC is urging businesses to enhance their cybersecurity practices. The call follows ASIC’s comprehensive report, highlighting significant gaps in the cyber capabilities of businesses across Australia.

According to insights from ASIC’s voluntary cyber pulse survey, many businesses are reacting rather than proactively managing cybersecurity risks. ASIC Chair Joe Longo emphasised the need for all businesses to prioritise cybersecurity and resilience.

Key Findings Summary

  • Survey participants who do not manage third-party or supply chain risk. 44% 44%
  • Survey participants who have limited or no capability to protect confidential information adequately. 58% 58%
  • Survey participants who do not have a cyber incident response plan. 33% 33%
  • Survey participants who have not adopted a cyber security standard. 20% 20%
  • Survey participants who do not patch applications. 41% 41%
  • Survey participants who have no or limited capability in using multifactor authentication 33% 33%
  • Survey participants who do not have backups in place 30% 30%

The report revealed a concerning statistic: 44% of surveyed businesses are not adequately managing third-party or supply chain risks, potentially providing easy access for threat actors to exploit organisations’ systems and networks.

While larger businesses demonstrated mature cyber capabilities, smaller entities faced challenges in areas such as third-party risk management, data security, consequence management, and adherence to industry standards, mainly due to limited resources.

Longo stressed the importance of moving beyond security measures to focus on building resilience. He highlighted the need for regular testing of incident response plans and continuous reassessment of cybersecurity risks.

Longo concluded, “An effective cybersecurity strategy, coupled with a robust governance and risk framework, should enable businesses to identify, manage, and mitigate cyber risks within the risk tolerance levels set by leadership and boards.”

A positive note emerged from the survey, with 95% of participants opting to receive individual reports, showcasing a commitment to improving cyber resilience by benchmarking against peers.

National Cyber Security Coordinator, Air Marshal Darren Goldie AM CSC, welcomed the report’s results and acknowledged ASIC’s efforts in pinpointing key gaps in corporate Australia’s cyber resilience. He highlighted the importance of cybersecurity for individuals and businesses of all sizes, emphasising the support available through the National Office of Cyber Security, which collaborates closely with industry to promote awareness, best practices, and decision-making support in response to cyber incidents. Air Marshal Goldie also highlighted the upcoming 2023-2030 Australian Cyber Security Strategy as a crucial initiative to fortify the nation’s cyber defences and enhance resilience.

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Key Technologies and the Upcoming Telco Embargo: Your Guide to a Smooth Transition

Key Technologies and the Upcoming Telco Embargo: Your Guide to a Smooth Transition

As the year draws to a close and the holiday season approaches, it’s essential to keep in mind the Telco Embargo that’s on the horizon. We want to ensure your business sails smoothly through this period, and while we’re always here for you, it’s crucial to understand that only urgent matters will be prioritised during this time. So, let’s shed some light on what you need to know to make the most of this festive season!

What Does the Embargo Mean for Your Business?

The Telco Embargo, an annual occurrence, is a special time of year when major Telcos, including the likes of Telstra, pause setting up new phone lines and broadband connections. This year, the embargo period runs from December 22, 2023, to January 8, 2024. During this time, telecommunications carriers won’t be performing network reconfigurations, relocations, or any hardware or software upgrades on their networks. If you’re planning an office relocation and need to set up internet and phone systems, this information is especially vital for you.

How to Ensure a Smooth Transition and Avoid Interruptions?

For those of you gearing up for an office move, planning is key. Make sure you connect any new phone lines and set up networks before the December deadline. It’s wise to get in touch with us at Key Technologies as early as possible to ensure a hassle-free process. Be sure to check out our helpful articles on managing phone lines and internet services during your move as well. Keep in mind that due to the high volume of orders, reaching out to us early is of utmost importance.

What About Support Services?

Rest assured, our support and maintenance services will continue to operate as usual during the embargo period. However, we want to be upfront about the potential for delays. Given that there will be fewer administrative and technical staff available, especially on Christmas, Boxing Day, and New Year’s Day, service delays may be expected. Your patience and understanding during this time are greatly appreciated.

How Will Key Technologies Be There for You?

At Key Technologies, we understand the significance of the Telco Embargo, and we’re committed to being your reliable partner. While we will be operating with minimal staff numbers during this period, we will have technicians on call for any urgent assistance you may need. Anything not deemed urgent will be deferred until January 10, 2024, so it’s in your best interest to reach out to us early to stay ahead of the curve.

In the spirit of the holiday season, Key Technologies is here to ensure that your business continues to thrive, even during the Telco Embargo. We wish you a cheerful and stress-free transition into the new year, and we look forward to serving you with a smile. If you have any questions or need assistance, don’t hesitate to contact us. Happy holidays, and here’s to a fantastic year ahead! πŸŽ‰πŸ“žπŸŒ

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Cybersecurity Awareness Quiz

Cybersecurity Awareness Quiz

Welcome to the Cybersecurity Awareness Quiz ! In today's digital age, staying safe online is more important than ever. This quiz will test your knowledge about essential cybersecurity practices and help you understand the importance of safeguarding your personal and business data. Are you ready to check your cybersecurity smarts and learn how to protect yourself and your small business? Let's get started!

What is phishing?

Which of the following is a strong password?

What does "SSL" stand for in the context of web security?

True or False: Public Wi-Fi networks are always safe for online banking and business transactions.

What is the first line of defence against cyber threats for your business?

What's the primary purpose of two-factor authentication (2FA)?

Which of the following is NOT a common type of malware?

What should you do if an employee leaves your company?

What's the best practice for securely disposing of old hard drives and electronic devices?

True or False: Regularly updating software and applications is important for cybersecurity.

Well done! You've taken a step towards enhancing your online safety. Remember that cybersecurity is an ongoing effort. Stay informed about the latest threats and best practices to protect yourself and your small business. Regularly update your knowledge and security measures to stay ahead of cyber threats.

If you found areas where you could improve your cybersecurity knowledge during this quiz, don't worry. It's never too late to start implementing better security habits. Keep learning and stay vigilant to maintain a strong defense against potential cyber threats.

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Discover the Exciting New Features of iOS 17: Your iPhone Just Got Even Better!

Discover the Exciting New Features of iOS 17: Your iPhone Just Got Even Better!

Are you eager to experience the latest iPhone features without shelling out a fortune for the brand-new iPhone 15?

Look no further than the iOS 17 update, which brings a slew of exciting enhancements to your iPhone, transforming your everyday tasks into extraordinary experiences. From personalised contact cards to enhanced security features, iOS 17 is set to revolutionise the way you use your iPhone. And if you wish to order the new iPhone 15, contact us today to place your order. As a Telstra partner and your technology partner, we’re here to help you make the most of these incredible features. Read on to discover ten new features that make iOS 17 a game-changer.

1. Contact Cards:

Say goodbye to boring caller IDs! iOS 17 introduces Contact Cards, allowing you to create personalised, full-screen digital business cards. Choose your photo, customise fonts, and add color effects to make your calls unique. You can even use Apple’s “Cartoon You” Memojis for a fun touch.

2. Redesigned Call Screen:

The call screen gets a fresh new look with iOS 17, making it easier to manage in-call options. Mute and speakerphone buttons now reside at the bottom of the screen, thanks to the visually impressive Contact Cards.

3. Check-In with iMessage:

Keep your loved ones safe with the new Check-In feature in iMessage. Share your whereabouts or estimated travel time with a friend or family member, and iOS will automatically check in on you if something seems amiss.

4. Standby Mode:

Your iPhone on charge is no longer a paperweight! In landscape mode, while using a MagSafe charger, it transforms into a versatile bedside clock radio, displaying images, calendars, and notifications. A great addition to your bedroom, kitchen, or workspace.

iMessage Check In

5. NameDrop:

Sharing contact details just got easier and less awkward. With NameDrop, you can tap your iPhone to someone else’s (both running iOS 17) to exchange contact information quickly and efficiently.

6. Enhanced AirDrop:

Sharing files and photos is now smoother than ever. Simply tap your iPhone with another device to transfer files seamlessly, and iOS 17 even continues the transfer when you walk away from each other.

iMessage Check In

7. AutoCorrect Improvements:

Bid farewell to frustrating autocorrect mishaps. iOS 17 brings smarter autocorrect, easier corrections, and predictive typing for a faster, more accurate typing experience.

8. SharePlay:

Passengers in a car can now control music without disconnecting the driver’s phone from CarPlay. SharePlay ensures everyone enjoys their preferred tunes safely.

9. Assistive Access:

iOS 17 introduces Assistive Access, making iPhones more user-friendly for individuals with cognitive disabilities. Large icons for essential apps, like Phone and Camera, simplify navigation, bringing FaceTime with loved ones closer to reality.

10. Personal Voice:

For those with speech disabilities, Personal Voice allows you to create a custom voice, enabling you to communicate through calls and conversations.

How to Get iOS 17:

If you have a compatible iPhone model, update to iOS 17 by going to Settings, then General, and selecting Software Update. The rollout is happening now, so check your iPhone for the latest update. iOS 17 is compatible with these devices.
iPhone 15 iPhone 15 Plus iPhone 15 Pro iPhone 15 Pro Max iPhone 14 iPhone 14 Plus iPhone 14 Pro iPhone 14 Pro Max iPhone 13 iPhone 13 mini iPhone 13 Pro iPhone 13 Pro Max iPhone 12 iPhone 12 mini iPhone 12 Pro iPhone 12 Pro Max iPhone 11 iPhone 11 Pro iPhone 11 Pro Max iPhone XS iPhone XS Max iPhone XR iPhone SE (2nd generation or later)

iOS 17 is set to transform your iPhone experience with a plethora of exciting features, and you don’t need to upgrade your device to enjoy them. As a Telstra partner, we’re here to help you make the most of these innovations. Stay connected, express yourself uniquely, and enjoy an enhanced iPhone experience like never before. Reach out to us, and let’s make your iPhone even more extraordinary!

The new iphone15 series - iPhone 15 Pro Max, iPhone 15 Pro and iPhone 15

iPhone Preorder

KeyTech are a Telstra partner! Save time and effort by placing your order with us.

Ransomware and Cyber Insurance: To Pay or Not to Pay

Ransomware and Cyber Insurance: To Pay or Not to Pay

In the fast-paced world of small business, where every decision can impact your bottom line, the rise of ransomware attacks has brought forth a challenging dilemma: To pay or not to pay? 

Ransomware, a malicious software that locks up your critical data until a ransom is paid, presents both ethical and financial quandaries for business owners. In this article, we’ll delve into this complex issue, discuss the pros and cons of paying ransoms, and shed light on how cyber insurance plays a pivotal role in these difficult decisions.

Understanding Ransomware Attacks

Before we delve into the tough decisions surrounding ransomware, it’s essential to understand what these attacks entail. Ransomware is malicious software that encrypts a victim’s data, rendering it inaccessible. Cybercriminals then demand a ransom, typically in cryptocurrency, in exchange for the decryption key. The victim faces a critical choice: pay the ransom and hope for the data’s safe return, or refuse to pay and attempt data recovery through other means.

The Ethical Dilemma: Paying Ransoms

Pros of Paying Ransoms

Data Recovery Assurance

Paying the ransom may result in a faster and more reliable data recovery process. Cybercriminals often provide decryption keys upon payment.

Minimal Disruption

Paying the ransom can shorten the downtime and minimise operational disruptions, allowing the business to resume normal activities sooner.

Cons of Paying Ransoms

No Guarantee

There’s no guarantee that cybercriminals will provide a working decryption key or honour their end of the bargain.

Funding Criminal Activity

Paying ransoms directly funds cybercriminal organisations, encouraging further attacks.

Legal and Ethical Concerns

Paying ransoms may violate laws and ethical standards in some jurisdictions, leading to legal consequences.

The Financial Dilemma: Impact on Your Bottom Line

Pros of Paying Ransoms

Cost Control

Paying the ransom may seem financially viable compared to the potential losses from prolonged downtime or data loss.

Minimal Recovery Costs

The costs associated with negotiating with cybercriminals might be lower than the expenses of data recovery and system restoration.

Cons of Paying Ransoms

Uncertain Costs

The actual cost of paying the ransom can vary, and there may be additional hidden costs associated with dealing with cyber criminals.

Insurance Impact

Paying ransoms without proper consultation with your cyber insurance provider could result in claim denial or increased premiums.

The Role of Cyber Insurance

Cyber insurance plays a critical role in this dilemma. Here’s how:

Financial Protection

Cyber insurance can cover the costs of ransom payments, helping ease the financial burden in the event of an attack.

Risk Assessment

Insurers often assess your cybersecurity measures as part of the policy process. A strong cybersecurity posture may lead to better coverage terms.

Expert Guidance

Cyber insurance providers often have experts who can guide you through the decision-making process when faced with a ransomware attack.

The Way Forward for Small Business Owners

The decision of whether to pay a ransom is highly complex and should not be taken lightly. Here are some steps to consider:

  • Preventive Measures: Invest in robust cybersecurity measures to reduce the risk of ransomware attacks, including employee training, regular software updates, and network security.
  • Cyber Insurance: Consider cyber insurance as a safety net. Review your policy carefully to understand what it covers in case of a ransomware attack.
  • Legal Consultation: If faced with a ransomware attack, consult legal experts to understand the legal implications of paying a ransom.
  • Ethical Considerations: Weigh the ethical aspects of paying ransoms and consider the potential consequences for your business’s reputation.
  • Incident Response Plan: Develop a detailed incident response plan to handle ransomware attacks effectively, including communication with stakeholders.

In the world of small business, where every resource counts, the decision of whether to pay a ransom demands careful consideration. Balancing financial pressures, legal obligations, and ethical principles is no small feat. Cyber insurance can be a valuable ally in this struggle, offering financial support and expert guidance.

Ultimately, the best defence against ransomware is a proactive one. By investing in cybersecurity measures and having a well-thought-out response plan, you can reduce the likelihood of facing this daunting dilemma. Remember, when it comes to ransomware, prevention is often the most cost-effective solution.

Don’t leave your business vulnerable to cyber threats. Contact KeyTech today to schedule a cybersecurity audit and strengthen your digital defences.