Technology is ever-evolving, and for non-profit organisations, keeping up with these changes is crucial. The New Commerce Experience (NCE) has left a significant impact on how organisations engage with Microsoft 365 (M365), and this impact is extending to the non-profit sector in 2024. As Microsoft plans to release new public sector SKUs in phases, beginning in March, non-profits may find themselves facing confusion and uncertainty. This article aims to address that confusion, offering guidance and advice to non-profits and others in the public sector in navigating the NCE transition.

Non-Profit Decision Triangle

Non-profit organisations often grapple with a unique decision triangle when making IT investments, encompassing budget considerations, flexibility requirements, and the need to future-proof technology investments. The confusion around these elements can be overwhelming, but understanding and addressing these considerations are essential for successful engagements with non-profit organisations affected by the NCE.

1. Budget Considerations

Non-profit entities operate within specific budget approval and deployment windows. Discussions around M365 payments should focus on licensing terms, offsetting spending increases, and efficient IT budget allocation. Monthly vs. annual commitments and economical decisions to manage spending increases are crucial topics for discussion.

2. Flexibility Requirements

Solutions must align with the adaptability required in the non-profit sector, accommodating temporary staff and cyclical trends. Discussions should focus on the mix of fixed vs. temporary staff and translate these needs into flexible licensing terms that align with the dynamic nature of non-profit workforces.

3. Future-Proof Investments

NCE discussions provide an opportunity to future-proof technology investments in line with key trends like automation, AI readiness, and hybrid work. Non-profit organisations should make strategic decisions that align with these trends, ensuring that their technology investments are positioned for long-term success.

Addressing Confusion with KeyTech

Navigating through the confusion of the NCE transition requires a reliable partner. As a leading technology solutions provider, KeyTech understands the unique challenges faced by non-profit organisations. KeyTech is here to offer guidance and advice, addressing your specific concerns during this transition.

Why Data Protection is Crucial

Understanding the impact of NCE on data protection is crucial, considering the rise in data and the sensitivity of non-profit data. KeyTech’s data protection solutions are tailored to meet the specific needs of non-profit organisations:

  1. Flexibility: KeyTech’s solutions empower non-profits to selectively back up specific users, ensuring efficiency and scalability. Organisations can grant end-user access to backups, enabling co-management with their IT team.
  2. Future-Proof: Data protection solutions that cover a comprehensive range of M365 services, ensuring that non-profit organisations can rely on the solution’s growth to meet their future data protection needs.
  3. Budget: Offering non-profits flexibility in billing frequency and terms, to align with their IT expenses, whether capital or operating expenses.


Guidance and Next Steps for Non-Profit Organisations

Non-profit organisations play a pivotal role in guiding themselves through the NCE transition. To alleviate confusion, initiate conversations about Microsoft 365 licensing updates and potential data protection gaps. Stay informed about Microsoft incentives and take advantage of promotions for early adopters.

In navigating the Microsoft 365 Evolution (NCE), non-profit organisations play a vital role in ensuring a smooth transition to new public sector SKUs. To empower non-profits through this journey, Microsoft offers a suite of resources meticulously tailored to their unique needs:

  • Microsoft 365 Business Premium Crash Course: Explore how Microsoft 365 Business Premium supports common non-profit scenarios, making collaboration, security, mobility, and device management easier.
  • Amplify Human Creativity with Copilot: Discover five tips for maximising Copilot at your non-profit to enhance productivity. Get the Infographic.
  • Microsoft 365 Training for Nonprofits: Empower your staff through pre-curated courses and customised learning journeys to accelerate your organisation’s impact.
  • Microsoft 365 Grant: Take advantage of the Microsoft 365 Business Premium grant, available for free for up to 10 users with discounted pricing for additional users. Ideal for small and mid-sized nonprofits needing email, Office desktop applications, cloud file storage, web conferencing, and advanced security features.
  • Demo Videos: Watch ready-to-use features in Microsoft 365 to better engage with donors and supporters and make a greater impact.

For a comprehensive overview of these resources and more, visit Microsoft’s official non-profit page here. Empower your non-profit organisation with the tools it needs to thrive in the ever-evolving digital landscape.

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