iPhone 13 – Should Business Users Upgrade?

iPhone 13 – Should Business Users Upgrade?

This year’s iPhone is a refresh, where the design of the iPhone doesn’t change but the focus is instead on features and strengthening components. This year the big changes are improved cameras and bigger, longer lasting batteries.  

If you have an iPhone 12 or even 11 you are probably right for an update this year, unless your iPhone11 battery isn’t really cutting it any more. In case you know you need a new phone this year, get in touch with our provisioning team, she’s getting orders sorted for our customers. 


The iPhone’s cameras long have been good enough for most business purposes – outside of hero images or other large formats. So long as you know how to take a photo in the first place, any recent iPhone will do the job. Because social media images are small, the content and composition of the image is much more important than the device. In many cases, photos taken with phones are actually better, as they are more automatic and are easier to get a good result. 

If you enjoy taking photos, you can use your phone and don’t be afraid to share the photos with your audience, they might appreciate the human touch. We live in an age of democratised marketing after all.

The same goes for video – you can get away with using your phone to do anything from basic product videos to quick social media updates. This takes a bit more time and patience than photographs though. Editing your video isn’t even the hardest part – you’ll need to herd your cats into a line. If video is something you already know how to work with, the iPhone 13 is more capable than ever for the same reasons as with photos. If you’re inexperienced with video, the learning curve means is probably not worth investing the money for that purpose.

There’s a lot of talk about the new cinematic mode (‘portrait for video’), which could give your social updates some real pizzazz, if you’re up to the editing process.

Pro Max for Staff and Product Shots

The iPhone13 Pro (and Pro Max) have an additional telephoto lens which saw some big improvements this year. This will be absolutely ideal for product shots and staff portraits. You could easily get away with using this rather than getting a more expensive camera or hiring a photographer. Even with the additional investment in the pro models, this might make the upgrade all the more worth it this year.  

If you go down this route, the camera won’t be your bottleneck, but you’ll have to learn the basics of photography. If this sounds like fun, go for it. If not, maybe this is not a reason to upgrade to a Max and you could consider sticking with your phone for a while longer if it’s not too old, or looking at the standard iPhone 13 or the Mini. 

iPhone 13 Speed  

If all you want is a faster phone, and you have an 11 or 12, upgrading to the iPhone 13 is not likely to get you many perceptible speed increases. It certainly isn’t going to help you run your business faster. But If you have an X or earlier – that’s the phone from 2017, you would definitely feel the difference.  

By the way, if you only watch one video about the iPhone 13, I recommend this one from Max Tech – which hits on many of the topics we introduce here.

iPhone 13 Battery Improvements 

If you have one of these older phones you’ll be most impressed with the extra Battery life of the 13. The iPhone 13 adds 2.5 hours on top of even healthy iPhone 12s. It’s going to run circles around anything from years prior. So if you find yourself having to plug in halfway through the day, you’re going to appreciate the extra freedom and flexibility of real all-day battery life.  

Weight & Size

If you think your iPhone is heavy, then the iPhone 13 might not be for you as it’s actually increased in weight over earlier models. One thing you could do is switch to the mini variant – so long as you don’t use your phone all day and use it mostly for calls. Apple isn’t expected to continue the mini line due to poor sales, so this might be a great year to grab one.  

The iPhone 13 Pro Max, iPhone 13 and iPhone 13 Mini. The Max is almost double the weight of the Mini.

If you do use your phone for more than tasks, investing in the Pro Max might be a good idea, but keep in mind you are really going to notice the weight.

We’re happy to help order your phone and have your business account upgraded. If you’re not sure which to order, Checkout Apple’s comparison page to see the differences between the models in detail, and get in touch with KeyTech provisioning, who will be happy to get in whichever will work best for you.