Business VoIP

Online phone systems for small business.

Sometimes referred to as hosted PBX, hosted systems have a lot in common with consumer VoIP setups. They are ideal for smaller businesses as they offer flexibility and are much more economical. The trade-off is that they are wholly reliant on your internet provider’s stability.




VoIP provides an advanced phone system with all the features of a large corporation’s landline service. They’re cheaper than regular landlines and significantly less painful to configure.


These systems rely on a stable internet connection. If your internet connection drops out, so will your phone system.


These systems are great for smaller businesses that want to have the same level of functionality for their business telephone system as a larger corporation, or who have remote workers that need access to the phone system. Make sure your internet connection is reliable before committing to this option though.

Phone and internet in one.

As an all-in-one, done for you partner of your business, we’ll hook you up with the best possible internet to run your phones on.

Business Internet

Forget dealing with telcos, imagine having a locally based, business level ISP. This is how it will be with us managing your internet on your behalf.

It starts us working out which type of internet is the best for your specific circumstances:

Dedicated Fibre

A high speed line just for you. For businesses where fast and reliable internet is business critical.


Forget holding the line with telcos, let us negotiate and maintain your NBN connection on your behalf. 

Fixed Wireless

The most reliable option when you can't get a line in.

4G & 5G

Ultimate mobility and an affordable backup connection.