Microsoft has recently announced that it is permanently disabling Internet Explorer 11 (IE11) on certain versions of Windows 10 from February 14, 2023. This update will be rolling out to the Microsoft Edge Stable channel over the next week via a progressive rollout process.

Microsoft Edge Browser

The purpose of the update is to redirect users from IE11 to Microsoft Edge. Once the update is installed, users will be informed that IE has been retired and is no longer supported. Selecting “Continue” will start the redirection process from Internet Explorer 11 to Microsoft Edge. As part of the update, the Microsoft Edge icon will replace all IE icons in the start menu and taskbar.

What if I need IE for certain websites?

If any website you visit is incompatible with Microsoft Edge and requires IE, you can reload it with IE mode in Microsoft Edge once redirected. To enable IE mode, click the Ellipsis (three horizontal dots) in the top, right-hand corner of Microsoft Edge. Then select “Reload in Internet Explorer Mode” from the options.

Will I lose IE browser data such as favourites and passwords?

All data that was saved in your IE browser, including your favourites, history, cookies and passwords, will be brought over to Microsoft Edge so you can seamlessly continue browsing.

Preparing your Business for the Update

It is essential to prepare your business for this update by taking the necessary steps beforehand. In order to plan an effective transition strategy for this update, it is important to consider how your business uses IE11 and which websites need it to function.

Proactive steps to ensure that you are prepared

Ensure all staff members understand which sites they need to access and if any require training to help them become familiar with using Microsoft Edge as a substitute browser. Consider this update and its effects on your day-to-day operations. If you have already transitioned from IE11 to Microsoft Edge, the update will not impact you.

Will Legacy Applications continue to function?

Businesses that rely heavily on legacy applications should pay close attention as these applications may no longer work correctly after the upgrade if not properly configured in advance. If not checked prior to the update, there could be significant disruptions to the overall productivity of those affected. Special attention should also be on assessing whether or not these legacy applications need updating or replacing prior to implementing the update from Internet Explorer 11 to Microsoft Edge across your systems.

After over a decade, it is time to bid farewell to Internet Explorer 11. It is essential for IT managers and small business owners alike to take initiative-taking steps ahead of time to ensure a smooth transition away from IE11 and towards using Microsoft Edge. Proper planning and preparation will also ensure your business is equipped with the necessary tools and resources during this transition.

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