After 32 years, Microsoft has announced plans to retire the Microsoft Office brand. Microsoft 365, the new branding for its Office.com and Office cloud-based apps, will better reflect the company’s shift from a one-time purchase productivity suite to a subscription service. This change comes as part of Microsoft’s ongoing efforts to simplify its product line and unify its brands under the Microsoft 365 umbrella.

Microsoft Office was first released in 1990, with Microsoft bundling its popular Word, Excel, and PowerPoint applications under a one-time purchase productivity suite called Microsoft Office. Later versions introduced additional programs like Outlook and OneNote.

In 2011, Microsoft began offering Office 365, a subscription service that gave users access to the latest version of Office as well as other cloud-based services.

In the present day, the plan is for Microsoft to begin phasing out the Office brand. Beginning in November 2022, the rebranding will begin to roll out for the Office app on Windows, and the Office mobile app in January 2023.

Microsoft 365 Rebranded
The first step in the rebranding process will be changing the name of Office Online to Microsoft 365. This change will happen automatically for users who have an active Office 365 Home or Personal subscription. For other users, the change will happen when they next sign in to their account.

After that, users can expect to see changes to the logos and icons for the various Office apps.

Additionally, the names of some of the apps will change; for example, OneNote 2016 will become simply “OneNote.”

And finally, Microsoft plans to retire the “Office” branding from its website and marketing materials altogether.

The decision to rebrand Office is a wise one that will help customers better understand Microsoft’s productivity offerings and make it easier for them to find the tools they need. This big change for Microsoft makes sense in today’s world of cloud-based computing and subscription-based software. By unifying its products under the Microsoft 365 brand, Microsoft is making it clear that Office is more than just a productivity suite—it’s a constantly evolving platform that provides users with access to the latest features and updates on an ongoing basis. We’re excited to see what Microsoft has in store for us next!

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