Small Business IT Bundle

Managed services from $47.50 per month + GST. Combine the reliability of KeyCloud managed services with the convenience of simplified invoicing for all your IT and communication services.

Complete peace of mind

 Get back some time for the important things in life.



Just the essentials

Designed from the outset for smaller offices. Your’e never paying for what you don’t need.

Full Support

Never worry about IT again. Our local team have got your back, with realtime monitoring and sophisticated antivirus.

Complete IT services from $47.50* monthly

Through helping many small businesses we have developed a solid but basic set of services that every business can count on. *Price excludes GST.

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Desktop Support

Realtime system monitoring

Your device is linked to our system and monitored in real time. You are informed immediately when an issue arises and advised of charges.


Threat protection 

Safeguard your data and operations from threats both internal and external. PC protection including virus scanning, backups, updates, and firewalls.

Microsoft 365 & Teams

Complete apps and communications

All you need for business productivity and to be ready for interruptions like COVID.



Backed Up

Backup your cloud hosted services. 

Includes our custom backup solution for m365 and Teams, as well as seeing your devices backed up.



And if you don't already have them...

We do a lot more than IT, and we’ve been doing it for over 26 years. Have one point of call for all your essential business service.


Forget dealing with the telcos, let us do it for you.


Add a hosted phone system and take your business with you.


Computers, phones, network devices, cyber-security, everything you could need, rolled into an upgrade schedule.